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Aqua Matrix Super Absorbent Polymer



What is Aqua Matrix

It is potassium-based super absorbent polymer and a soil conditioner that is designed to store water and nutrients which are slowly released on demand.

Advantages of Aqua Matrix

Aqua Matrix is small white granules that will expand up to 400 times its own weight in water,
retains its ability to expand and contract for up to 200 cycles and
up to 95% of the water is available to the plant root system.
It is non-toxic and environmentally safe and
does not contaminate plants, soil or ground water.
With an essentially neutral pH, Aqua Matrix™ breaks down in 3 years into its component parts of C0₂, water, potassium and nitrogen with no residual toxicity.

How does it work:

Aqua Matrix™ provide water and nutrients directly to the plant roots through normal capillary action, active absorption and osmosis.
By attaching to soil particles, the complex chain molecular structure of Aqua Matrix™
strengthens soil aggregates,
improves soil structure and maintains micro-pores,
thereby limiting erosion potential and
reducing soil crust formation caused by irrigation with water high in sodium salts.
Tailor-made added nutrition provides for differences in soil types and for the varied nutritional demands of different plant types, e.g. lawn grass, vegetables, ornamental flowers and fruit trees.

The amount of fertiliser required is reduced and  thus reducing the cost of labour used in a normal fertiliser program.
Environmentally friendly:
being biodegradable and non toxic,
reduce leaching and therefore
reduces fertiliser overflow into the environment.
Boosts immunity and aids disease control
Different formulations can be used to boost root or shoot growth, increase immunity, stimulate Mycorrhizae, Trichoderma and other enzymes.
Special formulation could prevent certain diseases

Cost data shows that one third of the total project costs are dedicated to plant maintenance, including replanting in case of plant losses, labour expended on watering and water itself.
By using Aqua Matrix™ maintenance costs are significantly reduced due to the increased water-holding capacity of root zones, especially those high in sand.
Aqua Matrix™ promotes better establishment and survival of landscape plants and grass, assisting in buffering the periodic failure of seasonal rainfall.